8 Fashion and Beauty Tips for Autumn and Winter

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Each new season is an opportunity to be fashionable! With the change of climate comes the need to change your wardrobe and beauty regimen. This can be taxing for some and exciting for others. To help you keep up with the changes in your beauty care and fashion style here are some tips you can follow.

Go for creamy moisturizer

Go for creamy moisturizer. The cold weather dries the skin. Your usual cleanser may not work for this kind of weather. Cleansers tend to remove moisture from your skin most especially if you’re using it to remove make up. Gel cleansers can make your skin drier when you use it during winter. Dove and Neutrogena have creamy facial cleansers that will enhance the moisture in your skin even more.

Moisten those lips

Moisten those lips. Chapped lips are common during autumn and winter. The cold air dries the lips and sometimes causes it to crack. Always put lip balm to keep the moisture in your lips. It’s best if you use lip balms with at least SPF 15. Choose the ones with healing agents, too such as lip balms made from tea tree oil and vitamin E.

Say no to alcohol-based products

Say no to alcohol-based products. No matter how cool alcohol or alcohol-based products feel in your skin, it removes moisture. Choose alcohol-free hair and skin products for this season and preserve the moisture in your skin.

Be mindful of heat

Be mindful of heat. As much as hot water and warm home temperature alleviates the freezing cold, it also dries your skin even more. Make sure that you set your shower to a lukewarm temperature and your heater to a mid-range temperature to give you the right amount of heat you need without damaging your skin.

Be mindful of heat

Layer away. Layering is one of the best ways to look fashionable and warm. Usually three layers are enough—the base, middle, and outer layer. Make sure that the base layer, which is nearest to your skin, is the one that fits you best and the one that keeps you warm the most. Do not use cotton as base layer because it will not keep you warm regardless of what you put in the next layers. Some of the best base layers are polypropylene, merino wool, silk, and synthetic fibers.

Layer away

Pop some color. Winter is a gloomy weather. Now is the perfect time to explore bright colors! You can still go for the blacks and browns but you can make your scarf bright pink or bright green. Your gloves can also be colorful to break the monotony in your ensemble.


Bootielicious. Boots are winter must-haves. You can keep your sandals and sneakers for the rest of the season and rock the road with trendy boots! There are so many gorgeous boots to choose from and in various colors, too! You can go for ankle-high boots or over-the-knee boots. Either way, you’ll never go wrong with stylish boots!

Choose the right coat

Choose the right coat. Coats are autumn and winter necessities. Don’t just settle for some coat that will keep you warm. Keep in mind the right fit and length that suit you. For example, puffer coats make you look fat and bulky. Tailored coats, on the other hand, comes in different sizes that can be flattering to your shape. A belted coat will enhance your waistline while an A-line coat will look good on you if you have big hips.

There are many clothes you can mix and match this winter. You can still dress up even though it’s snowing outside. There’s no limit to being beautiful and fashionable regardless of the season. Just make sure you remember the basics—keep your skin moisturized, have the basic coat and boots, and add some color in your winter wardrobe!

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