Best sports bras for your ultimate comfort and support!

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When it comes to sportswear the priority always shifts from beauty to comfort and maximum support. Therefore, when you choose a sports bra you consider three main criteria: a certain degree of compression which prevents breasts from bouncing, the ability to absorb swear (breathing fabric) and a comfort for tissues during intense exercising. Here are the best sports bras for every type of sports activity.

Bras for running and marathons

According to girls’ opinion, nothing beats Lululemon All Sport Bra which, in spite of being purposed for all types of sports, is perfect exactly for running. Why? Due to its ultra soft wide straps crossed on the back and a smooth front part, bra presses the chest area tightly yet gently enough to not to restrict body movements.

Lululemon All Sport Bra

Another “winner” is Champion The Smoothie High-Support Sports Bra. Thanks to convertible straps it could be worn in two ways. The contour forming seam right under the breasts line provides excellent support without any underwire.

You can buy it here with a good discount.

For low-impact sports

When it comes to the low-impact sports, the most popular one is obviously a yoga. The best bra for yoga must be of very thin fabric, with the smoothest possible back panel (floor friendly) and firm front side for keeping breasts in place during headstand. Get this all with Reebok CrossFit Skinny Racer Bra which is reasonably considered the #One in its niche.

For high-impact sports

If you want to know what real, multifunctional sports bra looks like – here is the champion, the 2XU Women’s Contour Support Bra. This is a padded bra with exclusively designed straps (changing its position with help of closure) which are excellent for A-B sizes. Both cups are divided by a fabric panel, which helps to hold breasts in most comfortable, natural position. Full coverage will not let even an inch of skin pop out of the bra. Buy your best high-impact sports bra with worldwide shipping here.

For Fitness, Bodybuilding and heavy workouts

Ladies, here is the best bra for hot workouts, according to experts’ reviews. Nike Victory Adjust X-Back Sports Bra with X-shaped back won after several tests. Thin, yet dense and tight fabric absorbs sweat and provides slight pressure. It makes the body feel not just free, but almost braless, while breasts are kept in right place.

Nike Victory Adjust X-Back Sports Bra

Best compression bra for aerobics

The New Balance Fabulous Framer I & II has it all: a racerback, a padding (a light one) and a perfect fitting, thanks to the special type of elastic fabric. Bra’s compression function is also unbeatable: no unwanted movements or bouncing, as well as no breasts falling out during intense aerobics jumps. Excellent piece for any bra size!

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