I LOVE Fleur du Mal Lingerie!

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Hello lingerie ladies! So today I received an email from a luxury lingerie brand Fleur du Mal and I have to say, I am in LOVE!

This is not just a lingerie brand, this is a combination of luxury, pleasure and  glamour. They have created a signature collection of lingerie and ready to wear by Jennifer Zuccarini, to inspire dressing up…and undressing.


Where can I buy it?…. I hear you cry, well this recently launched, Fleur du Mal is sold exclusively through a uniquely interactive e-commerce site, where you will not only find the luxurious collection, but also highly editorial shoppable content featuring complementary lifestyle items that Jennifer adores!


Fleur du Mal state that their mission is to provide a confidence boosting aspect to any woman’s wardrobe through specialty pieces such a leather corset created in collaboration with famed Parisian corset maker Cadolle, a sheer tuxedo blazer, and French rose lace intimates.


I advice that you ladies check out their social channels also to give you a better view of the sexiness and sophistication of the collection.

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